Responsible sourcing, also referred to as supply chain responsibility, is a voluntary commitment by us to take into account social and environmental considerations when managing our relationships with suppliers.

The responsibility of Farm Fetch is to work in tandem with everyone and everything involved in the activity of sourcing good produce from the pure untouched lands in India without causing any sort of harm or a bottle neck for personal gains.

The first two factors involved in sourcing from a region such as Panna are Nature and the Tribals in those areas. Nature as well as tribals, do not believe in economy or money. The only thing they believe in is an age old system of barter.


Nature wants to produce the best just for us but demands only one thing in return i.e. we take good care of it. Let nature take its course instead of unnecessarily manipulating it for our greed. The caretaker of nature is nature as well as the tribals who live in the surrounding forests. This takes us to the second most important factor of sourcing, Tribals.


As pointed out earlier even Tribals do not believe in the economy or money. They believe in need and have no desire for greed. These Tribals will get you the best produce from the interiors of the forest in return for products that are produced on farm lands. During the sowing and the harvest months these Tribals come out looking for work on the fields. On behalf of their hard work they barter in the produce that they are working on. By mechanising these farms it might cost lesser for the produce to be sowed or harvested but it’ll eliminate the Tribals and indirectly disrupt nature.


The next factor is the farmer himself. The farmer is more of a manager or a caretaker of the farmlands. He is also the gatekeeper of what goes in and out of his farms. The produce is a culmination of all the farmer’s experience, expertise, shrewd decision-making and immense patience. After taking care of the Tribals’ needs the farmer keeps a portion for his family’s personal consumption. The rest of the produce is something that he is ready to sell into the market. This is where the concept of economy or money steps in.


The produce that is fresh out of the farm is not yet ready to be brought into the final market. This is where the Workers in the adjoining areas gather in and work towards making the produce market ready. The cleaning, sorting, grading is a labour intensive system with the use of minimal machines to get the best produce out of the entire farm output. This produce is then packed and stored in local go downs awaiting the people in logistics to move the same.


The people in Logistics are the next factor that comes into place. Getting the produce from the source to the demand sectors in time without and pilferage or adulteration is their responsibility. Keeping checks and balances, also adhering to various practices to maintain quality are in place.


Employees directly or indirectly involved with Farm Fetch are the next factor that affects responsible sourcing. If they do not believe in what Farm Fetch is doing then it shall not replicated into every step that they take. Thus Farm Fetch takes utmost care in this respect.


Last but not least, Farm Fetch has the responsibility towards you our customer. Getting the finest produce from the pure lands is our aim and we work every single day on fulfilling the same.